Call Of Duty World At War Savegames 007_mak-6


It is recommended to turn off your Internet connection before playing single player campaign. Otherwise, game will tend to create a new online profile each time it starts, ignoring the one you've created for purpose of using downloaded savegame.

1. Download desired World At War save game file to your desktop.

2. Uzip it using WinZip or any similar tool, and you'll get a SVG (savegame) file.

3. Seek for game user files on your hard drive (usually C:/Documents and Settings/YOUR_NAME/Local Settings/Application Data/Activision/CoDWaW/) and delete all files from players/profiles/. If players/profiles/ folders doesn't exist, create them manually.

4. Under players/profiles/ folder, create new folder named John, and under the same folder new txt file called active.

5. Open active.txt and type "John" (without double quotes). Save the file and exit text editor.

6. Start the game and go to SOLO, then select NEW GAME. Right after the first level starts, exit game completely.

7. Go to players/profiles/John and copy the downloaded savegame file to save folder.

8. Open players/profiles/John/config.cfg file using WordPad (start/programs/accessories/WordPad) and find these lines:

seta sv_lastSaveCommitedToDevice "profiles/John/save\mak.svg"
seta sv_lastSaveGame "profiles/John/save\mak.svg"

Instead of "mak" (or whatever else is written there), enter the name of downloaded savegame file. Save changes and exit.

9. Start Call of Duty - World at War Solo - Co-op, and go to SOLO/RESUME GAME.

NOTE: Any name could be used instead of "John", as long as you follow instructions using chosen name.

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