Call Of Duty Call Of Duty 2 Savegames THE BATTLE FOR HILL 400 - Bergstein, Germany December 8, 1944


1. Enter game main menu and go to Select Profile (If you're starting game for the first time, this will be automatically prompted). Create new profile named "John" and start a campaign. As soon as the first mission starts, exit game completely.

1. Download desired Call Of Duty II save game file to your desktop.

2. Uzip it using WinZip or any similar tool, and you'll get a SVG (savegame) file.

3. Seek for installation folder on your hard drive (usually C:/Program Files/Activision/Call Of Duty 2) and copy SVG file to main/players/John/autosave/.

4. Open main/players/John/config.cfg file using WordPad (start/programs/accessories/WordPad). Find this line:

seta sv_lastSaveGame "players/John/save\autosave/moscow.svg"

Instead of "moscow" (or whatever else is written there), enter the name of downloaded savegame file. Save the changes and exit.

5. Start your copy of Call Of Duty 2 and click on "Resume Game".

NOTE: Any name could be used instead of "John", as long as you follow instructions using chosen name.

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