Call of Duty Modern Warfare

How To Activate COD Modern Warfare Cheats

Before using cheats make sure that console is enabled from in-game options menu. During the game, press tilde key (~) and enter these two commands to activate cheats: seta thereisacow 1337 and seta thereisacow 1337. Then you can use these:

god - God Mode (immortality), without damage screen effect
demigod - God Mode (immortality), with damage screen effect
give ammo - Full ammo
give all - Get any weapon
give (item) - Get any item
player_sustainammo 1 - firing without reload
cg_drawgun - Drop weapon
cg_fov - Zoom with any weapon
cg_LaserForceOn 1 - Laser site with any gun
jump_height # - instead of # put a number to adjust gravity (39 is set by default)
noclip - No Clipping (ghost mode)
notarget - Dumb AI
r_fullbright - Brighter features
timescale # - instead of # put a number to adjust the time (1.00 is set by default)
ufo - fly (II)